InfoComm 2018 Best of Show winners announced

Best in Show 2018

Williams AV's Pointmaker Audio Presenter is named Best in Show at InfoComm 2018 by Sound & Video Contractor


A landmark learning experience

Qatar National Library

At Qatar National Library in Doha, an environment has been created that deeply engages visitors. During the project, “Williams Sound provided a great deal of project support and onsite presence to meet the complex technical requirements for the library-wide zoned wireless headphone system.... the final result was a unique and innovative channel used to immerse library visitors in talking books and localised sounds for interactive media displays and special events. The solution is also multilingual across all zones with can also use the interpretation feeds for live events,” says AV specialist Jonathan Tulip.

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ProAVLAsia interviews Rob Sheely

Rob Sheeley

[ProAVLAsia] caught up with Rob Sheeley in Las Vegas at InfoComm 2018. See what the president and CEO of Williams AV had to say about the Pointmaker Audio Presenter


Williams AV addresses the integration of Bluetooth into AV design

Rob Sheeley

Rob Sheeley, president and CEO of Williams AV, discusses the future of the recent combination of Williams Sound and Pointmaker. Integrating mobile devices and Bluetooth connectivity into meeting and presentation spaces is fraught with challenges. Rob addresses how Williams AV is proactively providing solutions regarding AV room design.


InfoComm 2018: ICRON Shows the USB 2.0 2304S USB Extension Solution, Partners With Pointmaker

Pointmaker Presenter

Joan from IRCON demonstrates their USB 2.0 2304S Extension with the Pointmaker.


Being on point with colaboration video

Pat Brey and Tony Braun

Lindsey Reynolds talks to Tony Braun and Pat Brey about the Williams Sound and Pointmaker merger, and moving from audio to video collaboration.


The Latest News From InfoComm 2018

Convention TV at Infocomm!

Sound and Communication Features William AV on their daily summary of Infocomm 2018.


InfoComm 2018: Williams AV Debuts Pointmaker Presenter All-In-One Presentation Box

Pointmaker Presenter

The debut of the Pointmaker Presenter (Video)


Pointmaker Audio Presenter Demo

Tune in, don't tune out – Assistive Listening Systems

Hearing Hotspot

"'Worship facilities today have a number of choices to meet the needs of hearing impaired worshippers,' explains Williams Sound CEO, Paul Ingebrigtsen….There are a range of more elegant and flexible wireless solutions on offer. The question is determining the most applicable technology for your sanctuary…"(pg. 44)

The article begins on page 44 of the May-June, 2018 edition. Flash is required to read this article online.


Three Primary Sight & Sound Services

Woman speaks into courtroom microphone.

"Williams AV Products are well recognized in the courtroom AV market, being used in federal, state and local circuits…. Three primary services are offered: hearing assistance to meet accessibility requirements, language interpretation to meet DOJ Civil Rights requirements, and annotation products to assist with the presentation of evidence." (pg 24).

To view the full article, browse the April/May Edition of Courts Today on Page 24.
This magazine is available online via Issuu.


The Let’s Loop PEI Project – How You Can Access An Area With A Hearing Loop

PockeTalker 2.0

There are several options available to people who wish to use loop audio without a t-coil equipped hearing aid, including a Williams Sound body pack receiver and the PockeTalker 2.0. 



Themed edutainment at FICO Eataly World

Conference room at FICO

[FICO is t]he largest food-based attraction in the world utilises a wide range of AV equipment to support themed edutainment rooms, conference facilities and more.... FICO’s main conference facility is its spacious modular auditorium, divisible into three smaller rooms, or hosting 1,000 attendees.... Williams Sound loop amps cater for participants with impaired hearing... 



Case Study: University of Newcastle, Australia

Conference room at FICO

The University of Newcastle’s Great Hall...[in] New South Wales is a local landmark....The building is multi-functional and is used by the university and the Newcastle community for a wide range of events. With this in mind, the university decided to upgrade the AV infrastructure of the venue.According to Australian building code requirements, hearing augmentation is provided by Williams Sound and Ampetronic products. Hard work was put in to ensure that the audio performance was of the highest possible quality.... 



Interpreting the message via Wi-Fi

The hearing hotspot server

Tokyo Church of Christ was already equipped with an interpretation system in order to translate its sermons to non-Japanese-speaking members of the congregation, however, many complained that it was ‘difficult to hear’. In seeking a replacement solution, the church discovered Williams Sound’s Hearing HotSpot real-time audio system... 



Sports Café uses Williams Sound for streaming

The bar has an overhead TV.

Sports Café at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr in Abu Dhabi has been equipped with a Williams Sound Hearing HotSpot to provide customers with a [bring your own device] solution for sports commentary... 



Hard of hearing clients get help talking with lawyers

Some [Canadian province of Prince Edward] Island lawyers now have a tool to help them better communicate with people who have hearing loss. As part of a pilot project, the P.E.I. Chapter of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association has distributed 10 assistive listening devices to interested lawyers.... 



Induction Loop Technology: Gotcha!

In this article, Douglas Kleeger, senior systems design engineer and founder of AudioVisual Consulting Services, begins by sharing a recent training course experience at Williams Sound.  "When I left the class, I said, 'Wow, I always wanted to know that....'  This course was so relevant, that I want to share a few things about this aspect of assistive listening technology."
Used with permission of Sound & Communications

In the Loop

Evolution has come to the induction loop market thanks to Williams Sound and its work with Australian consultant Glenn Leembruggen.

Used with permission of Pro Audio Asia magazine.


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Salus University: Infrared for Cutting Edge Exam Rooms

At the start of the 2015 academic year, Salus University [near Philadelphia] announced a new Master of Science degree program in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP). SLP professionals are educated and trained to assess, diagnose and treat communication and swallowing disorders. The announcement of this new Master of Science degree program became the impetus to completely remodel their speech and diagnostic area....  

Used with permission of Vistacom Audio Video Solutions and Lienau AV Associates.


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Cómo oír mejor en cines y otras áreas públicas

La Ph.D. Cynthia Compton-Conley, doctora certificada en audiología, profesora de audiología y consultora de la industria de la audición, bloguea sobre las tecnologías de asistencia auditiva en áreas grandes que pueden ayudarle a oír en lugares púbicos.

Utilizado con el permiso de Cynthia Compton-Conley y Bookhaven Press, LLC.


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¡Haga de su práctica algo fabuloso para sus pacientes en 2015!

En esta entrada del blog, A.U. Bankaitis, audiólogo, bloguero y vicepresidente de Oaktree Products, alienta a otros proveedores de atención médica: En caso de que la comunicación se vea obstaculizada debido a la pérdida auditiva de un paciente, ofrezca a sus pacientes una experiencia de comunicación más positiva sin tener que gastar una gran cantidad de tiempo o dinero. Aquí le diremos cómo...

Utilizado con el permiso de OakTree Products, Inc,. de San Luis, MO. Oaktree Products es el principal distribuidor de varias líneas de productos y suministros para la industria de la audición.


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Nuevos modelos de negocio en el espacio de la interpretación de idiomas

Barry Masacre Olsen,  copresidente de InterpretAmerica, hace hincapié en que existe realmente un vasto espacio para la innovación o los nuevos modelos de negocio cuando se trata de brindar servicios de interpretación de idiomas...

Usado con permiso de GALAxy Newsletter, una publicación trimestral de Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).  La misión de GALA es apoyar a sus miembros y a la industria de los idiomas mediante la creación de comunidades, la defensa de las normas, el intercambio de conocimientos y la promoción de la tecnología.


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Nuevos dispositivos de ayuda auditiva se ofrecen en RiverPark Center

RiverPark Center es un centro cívico y de artes escénicas regional sin fines de lucro en Owensboro, Kentucky, que brinda entretenimiento y educación a unas 200.000 personas cada año a través de aproximadamente 800 eventos. Sus instalaciones abarcan 100.000 pies cuadrados e incluyen un auditorio con un aforo de 1.479 personas que está equipado con la tecnología más moderna...

Usado con permiso del periódico Messenger-Inquirer en Owensboro, Kentucky. Visite Messenger-Inquirer en


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ISE 2014

El Presidente y CEO Paul Ingebrigtsen introduce nueva tecnología Williams Sound en ISE 2014...
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Williams Sound añade estación de conexión al sistema inalámbrico Digi-Wave

ISE 2014

El Presidente y CEO Paul Ingebrigtsen ofrece un abreboca de Williams Sound en ISE 2014 en estas dos entrevistas con Gary Kayye, fundador de rAVe Publications:

Especial sobre ISE: Una entrevista con Paul Ingebrigtsen, Presidente y CEO de Williams Sound

Especial sobre ISE: Un videocast de Paul Ingebrigtsen de Williams Sound
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InfoComm 2012

El Presidente y CEO Paul Ingebrigtsen destaca la tecnología de comunicación de bucle de inducción, digital e infrarroja de Williams Sound en InfoComm 2012.

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resources/images/news_images/youtube.pngProductos de bucle de inducción  •  resources/images/news_images/youtube.png Productos digitales Digi-Wave  •  resources/images/news_images/youtube.png Productos infrarrojos de ayuda auditiva

Enfoque más claro en la SIPA de Florida International University

La Escuela de Asuntos Públicos e Internacionales de Florida International University (FIU), una de las 25 universidades más grandes del país, recibió una actualización de audio y video de parte de AVI-SPL, con sede en Miami...
(Usado con permiso de Testa Communications y tomado de la edición de diciembre de 2011 de la revista  Sound & Communications. Para obtener más información, visite

Sinfonía en un gimnasio

En el nuevo complejo deportivo de Drury University se realizan todo tipo de eventos, desde desde partidos de baloncesto universitario de la División 2 hasta conciertos de orquestas sinfónicas y actos de comedia...
(Usado con permiso de Testa Communications y tomado de la edición de mayo de 2011 de la revista Sound & Communications.  Para obtener más información, visite